Class of 1959 Graduation
Class of 1959 Graduation
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College High Reunion Our Journey of a Lifetime Classes 1959 Thru 1965
Class of 1959 Senior Trip Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans
Here are the names of the people on this picture: First row left to right- Carolyn Koelzer, Carolyn Dunning, Jo Ann Coffee, Carol Kenyon, Jane Suzuki, Barb Crites, Chaperone(can't remember Name) Mrs Uhls, Barbara Green (Babs) Paula Hope, Eve Lesem, Carolyn Randol, Jerri Adams, Carolyn Windeknecht, Kay Wiseman, Norma Glueck, Linda Bond, Janet Reimann, Getella Lufcy, Carolyn Jones, Phyliss Heise, Pauline Ravenstein. Second Row, left to right- Coach Uhls, Jim Wyndham, Bob Little, Neal Lorimier, Ken Volkerding, Gary Cook, Toby Ward, Charles Sander, Jim Riehn, Milo Goodpasture, Jerry Schwab, Bob Cannon. This was taken at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans where we had dinner. We thought we were really "up town" ha Kay Gilliland It was our senior trip in May of 1959. We worked with fund raisers our Jr and Sr year to pay for this trip. The classes behind us always said they didn't get to have a trip because we were so bad but is not true. I guess they didn't work toward one but I really don't know. I just know we had a great group and everything went just like clockwork. We went to Biloxi, Mississippi. We stayed in a hotel called the White House. Only mishap we had that I remember is Gary Cook got his leg or foot hurt on a motor scooter or some such vehicle. We went over to New Orleans and that is where this picture was taken. We were looking forward to a great dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel so imagine our surprise when we were served a cold cuts plate. Guess we couldn't afford anything else. Ha On our way home we were told we had a little money left so each of us got 3$ and some odd cents refund! Hey that money looked good since I imagine our pockets were getting pretty empty by that time. Hope this little tidbit explains some of our trip. Something else I remembered about our Senior Trip. We were the first and the last to have a trip of this kind at College High. I also remembered the name of our Chaperone that I couldn't remember before. Her name was Ms. Werner. Bob’s Note: It is the power of dreams, it is the power of goals, it is the power of taking action. Your class had it all, and achieved the goal they had in common. It Says a Lot About the Class of 1959!
April 6, 1959 Southeast Missourian Earning their fare. These members of the senior class at State College Campus High School turn painters as they earn money towards paying for a class trip they expect to take May 15 to 21 to the Gulf coast. The class is shown here painting a barn for Jim Green on Cape Rock Drive on Saturday. The group has to raise around $1400 to pay for the trip, much of which has been accounted for through various projects during the school year, but about $300 more is needed. Class sponsors are Miss Bernice Warren and Joe Uhls, who, with 35 seniors will make the trip. From the left pupils shown are Bill Ownby, Jim Riehn, Bob Little, Bob Cannon, Carolyn Dunning, Toby Ward, Carolyn Randol, Barbara Crites, Pauline Ravenstein, Milo Goodpasture, Charles Sander, Barbara Green, Janet Reimann and Jerry Schwab. (G.D. Fronabarger photo)
The Reason The class of ‘59 went on a Senior Trip... They worked for it!