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College High Reunion Our Journey of a Lifetime Classes 1959 Thru 1965
Class of 62 1992 Reunion Pictures
Class of ‘62 1992 Reunion Pictures
The Reunion in 1992
Ray Nichols, Sharon Keller Schneider
John Volkerding
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Class of 1962 Reunion of 1992
Emma Cannon, Clayton Sherrill, Ray Cannon
Emma Cannon, Clayton Sherrill, Ray Cannon
Jerry & Carolyn Penrod Reineke
Kevin Gerlach, Mike Hahn
Ray Nichols, Jerry Duley, John Volkerding, Larry Glueck (arm)
 Ray Nichols, John Volkerding, Larry Glueck
Carolyn Little Bit Maevers & Danny Wiethop
Now here are some Kool Dudes in 1963
1963 02 Feb Navy Leave Dennis Fisher, Ray Nichols, Charley Price