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College High Reunion Our Journey of a Lifetime Classes 1959 Thru 1965
2009 Reunion Of the Class of 1959
2009 Reunion Of the Class of 1959
The Class of 1959 in 2009
The Class of 1959 Senior Trip
Here are the names of the people on this picture: First row left to right- Carolyn Koelzer, Carolyn Dunning, Jo Ann Coffee, Carol Kenyon, Jane Suzuki, Barb Crites, Chaperone(can't remember Name) Mrs Uhls, Barbara Green (Babs) Paula Hope, Eve Lesem, Carolyn Randol, Jerri Adams, Carolyn Windeknecht, Kay Wiseman, Norma Glueck, Linda Bond, Janet Reimann, Getella Lufcy, Carolyn Jones, Phyliss Heise, Pauline Ravenstein. Second Row, left to right- Coach Uhls, Jim Wyndham, Bob Little, Neal Lorimier, Ken Volkerding, Gary Cook, Toby Ward, Charles Sander, Jim Riehn, Milo Goodpasture, Jerry Schwab, Bob Cannon.