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College High History

The Director Speaks “Our College Training School has a rich heritage. Some of the greatest leaders in the teaching profession did their first teaching in its classrooms, while at the same time some of the most prominent leaders in the social professions as well as in science and industry have enrolled as students in the classrooms of our school.” ”To the students of College High, I ask you to aim high and look to the history of the great who have attended this school and strive to become a person of whom this school may be proud.”
Our Alma Mater

Our Alma Mater

College High School Principal Gilbert Principal Gilbert
In the early Twentieth Century (around 1912) College High included only the ninth and tenth grades. Classes were held in the Agriculture Building at that time. The Eleventh and twelfth grade classes (known as college juniors) were held with the college freshmen and sophomores. In 1923 under the direction of Micah Smith, the high school moved into the present Education building. The four-year high school was formulated at this time. The supervisory staff consisted of nine members. As time passed, College High changed with each new principle of education. The high school’s first enrollment was approximately fifty students. Today, (1959) the enrollment has grown to a total of one hundred and seventy-one, plus the thirty-five junior high students. The present high school staff includes twelve full-time supervisors and approximately eight part-time supervisors. By the 1965 graduation College High had been in operation for over fifty-three years.
College High School functions in accordance with the philosophy that each student is entitled to receive new experiences, individual encouragement and academic challenges. All of these will help him to develop into a stable, intelligent, and conscientious citizen living in a modern society.
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While College High celebrated many graduating classes, Here is the Graduating Class of 1964
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