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Academic Hall on SEMO University campus . SEMO having started as a normal school has traditional strength in teacher education. As a comprehensive institution, it now offers over 200 areas of study, including undergraduate degrees as well as master’s degrees and Ed.D program with the University of Missouri. Southeast Missouri State orgins date back to 1873. The first clases were originally taught at the nearby Lorimier School. The Normal School Building was completed in 1875, on the site of the current Academic Hall. In 1902, the school building burned down, at which time Academic Hall was erected in its place.
The unique opportunity offered by College High was first and foremost to have the best instructors offered in the state. All our supervisors had Masters Degrees, which was rare. Our student teachers all came with such enthusiasm and all over prepared. All the better for us! It has been said “We taught the teachers” An exciting part of being on Southeast Missouri State campus was the interaction, we brushed elbows with college professors and students of all walks and from all places in our society. We ate lunch with them at Memorial Hall and worked out with them at Houck Stadium. It truly was inspiring and we all gained immensely from our years at College High. We were on a higher education campus that turned out NASA astronauts, Scientists for Atomic Spectoscopy, a US Marine Commandant, TV actors from "Combat" to "MacGyver", NFL players, and Politicians
Kent Library on Southeast Missouri State University campus was built in 1939 as a WPA project. It houses the houses the school’s library, archives, rare book room, Center for William Faulkner Studies, (which is the world’s largest Faulkner collection), The building originally was constructed in a limestone neoclassical style with wide art glass windows to fit in with the existing campus, however Kent Library underwent a major renovation between 1965 and 1968 that expanded the building considerably and wrapped the original structure in a modernist concrete screen.
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