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Where in the World Have We Been?
Where in the World Have We Been?
College High Reunion Our Journey of a Lifetime Classes 1959 Thru 1965
Delphia Froemsdorf ‘62 &  Jerry Duley ‘62
Bill Owenby ‘59
Vivian Crader Moore ‘63
Janet Niemeier Ryan ‘62
Jim ‘60 & Tina Trickey
Sandy Hoover Bray ‘62
Gladys Jacobs ‘61 & Tom Farrow ‘61
Neal Lorimier ‘59
Big 2012 Reunion Meeting July
Walter Kutscher & Family
Tom & Getella Lufcy Allen ‘59
David McFarland ‘62 and Friends
Mary Price ‘60, Pauline Ravenstein 59, Barbara Crites 59, Kay Wissman 59
Kay Wissman Gilliland ‘59 today and 1959 Senior Trip to New Orleans
Odis & Charlotte Rubel ‘60
Clayton Sherrill ‘62
Cindy Benton Schmoll ‘65 & Ray Langston ‘65
Your pictures go here, send one, send twenty... Just send Plenty! Send Family, Send Backyard BBQ, Weddings, Vacations Share your story! This is a site for “A Thousand Tales” (I stole that from somewhere)
World Fair 1986 Vancouver, BC
I will start this off with some photos, but send in yours, now! who’s been to all 50 states? Who’s been to London? Paris? Joplin?
Xmas Puerto Vallarta 93
Vail 84 Ski trip
Kauai’s North Shore 2002
NYC Thanksgiving Parade 2000
200 Tall Ships in NYC Harbor 7/86
My and Jerry Davis’ first restaurant Shakey’s 64
200 more new homes in PHX in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Sold em all, amazing! 1999
Bob Price’s ‘61 Life in 15 Pictures?
Bill and Sue Roussel 62
Married in WA in 1964 in the 3rd St. Methodist Church
Visiting Whidbey Island Nov 2004
Deception Pass
Now we all got to see, Thanks Sue for sharing!
Can You Find Sue? Betty? Betty, Paul, Sue, Judy Larry Kiehne ‘60 ‘61 ‘62 ‘57 ‘63
Betty Kiehne’s Wedding to Dale Brown 1963 Presenting Mr & Mrs. Dale Brown
Did Your Daddy Let You Out Alone?
Mr & Mrs Bill and Sue 1964
Carolyn Koelzer ‘59, Sandy, Betty & Kay 1964 Wedding Shower
Bill ‘63 and Pam Brockmire
Brenda McBride Moyers ‘65
Gene & Phyllis Spalding Maevers ‘59
Ivan & Doris Huber Heise ‘59
Lee & Carol Exler Koeppel in 1970 at Pettie Gean Mount, AR
Scott Cauble ‘64
Does Anyone Know who This is? He sent this picture?? Year 19??
Nancee Roth Ludwig ‘64 Fishing for King Salmon, Landing a 38 pounder! Langara Island, BC
Carol, Who is everybody here?
Wayne Jones ‘62
Wayne and Rosemary Jones w/ Sue Roussel
Cindy, Sue, Jan and Dave Reunion Meeting 2012
Ladonna Ervin Salazar ‘65
Paul Walker ‘61 Struggling to carry Big Bullet Proof Medal!
Denver Bobby McGee’s ‘79
San Francisco Embarcadero 72 Pacific Coast Builder Conference
Maine 2003
St Mary’s Georgia going to Cumberland Island ‘98
“Monkey Trees” a hardy evergreen dominate
Living in Snohomish, WA with a view of the Northern Cascade Range from front window, The American Alps, big Alpine climbing destination
Phoenix 1967 w/ My Girls
Carol Exler Koeppel ‘64
Tom Gerhardt ‘62
Kay Wissman Gilliland ‘59
Walter ‘60 & Carol Kutscher
Cape’s just not the same without Wimpy’s
Eagle Scouts Sonny and Jim Baylor ‘60
First Born 63 Living Next door to Bob Schwepker & beating him at Bridge every night in Poplar Bluff
‘64 Bill Harshaw 2012 Outstanding Volunteer Award
Alice Fay Riehn Whittaker ‘62 November 2008
Bill Harshaw ‘64
Bill Palmer ‘61
Kevin Gerlach Class of 1960
Carolyn Lewis Clary ‘65
Bill and Pam Brockmire in Gulf Shores 2009
Bill and Pam on Cruise Ship
Bill & Pam w/ Grandkids on Gulf
Janet Ritter Steger ‘61 w/ Daughter and Grandkids
Carolyn Penrod Reineke ‘62 and Family
Christmas with the Odis Rubel’s ‘60
On a Arkansas cotton wagon 1950
Tom Giles ‘62
Ron Tuschoff ‘60
John Shenimann “64
Bill Lynn ‘65
Jan Summers ‘65
Shari Walker Masterson ‘64